Solid Wood Barn-Style Wood Door

Barn style door

Interior sliding barn-style doors are a great alternative to traditional swing doors. They will save space and still allow you to separate rooms while doubling as an accent feature in any room. When you are looking for extra privacy but would prefer an alternative to installing a pocket door, a barn door can be the perfect solution — all you need is enough wall space for the door to occupy while not in use. Since there is no door swing to consider, messy installation in an existing wall, or extra work changing around existing trim, the possible applications of sliding barn-style doors are endless.

The most obvious spots are in tight spaces where a standard swing door is just not feasible, but that is just scratching the surface. They can be used to close off unsightly closets, utility rooms, or home gyms. Use barn-style doors in front of built-ins to conceal a television, media, or book storage. If you are thinking of creating a pantry or non-refrigerated wine cellar, barn-style doors are a great option.

Once the design is chosen, we offer a full line of Flat Track Hardware by Leatherneck. The flat track hardware is manufactured in Michigan, and is available in a variety of designs and finishes to compliment your décor. Combine this hardware with available factory finishing, and your barn-style door will be ready to install right when you take delivery.

In our experience doors with K-braces or Z-braces tend to be the most popular in this application. However, if you are worried about your space looking overly farm-like; remember that while barn-style doors do originate from barns, you can pick from any of our multitude of wood door designs or glass door designs to help you achieve whichever look you desire.