Exterior Front Entry Wood Doors with Glass

Shown below are Exterior Front Entry Wood Doors with Glass that are specifically designed and manufactured by Allegheny Wood Works to contain a glass element in them.

Prices shown below are for 6/8 (80-inch tall) door slabs only (for 7/0 doors add $75, for 8/0 doors add $150). For pre-hung doors, go to the Exterior Pre-hang page and add that amount to the slab door price. Prices are for African Mahogany (Sapele Mahogany = price x 1.15), Cypress, and White Oak Doors with clear insulated glass. Other obscure glass options are also available. All designs are available in Raised Panel or Mission Flat Panel. Specify panel and profile type when ordering. Click here to see all glass door options.

We specifically show pricing for the listed species because of their natural anti-fungal, decay, and insect attributes that make them excellent choices for exterior applications. These same woods are used in other outdoor applications such as decking, windows, shingles, fencing, exterior trim, etc. for these same reasons.

Stunning Exterior Front Entry Doors With Glass