Interior Solid Wood Doors With Glass

Allegheny Wood Works’ interior glass doors will enrich the beauty of your home. We combine today’s technology with yesterday’s craftsmanship to bring you quality built, durable, beautiful interior wood doors at affordable prices. Our multitude of species and design options allow you to find interior doors that will complement your home or office and enhance your décor.

Our extensive line of glass interior door designs and glass options offers truly unique decorating opportunities. Our in-house glass shop offers etched and sandblasted art glass, as well as custom art work. Company logos and business or residence names are some examples of unique etched glass options.

Review our glass options below to see the various V-groove designs available for glass and the different patterns of obscure glass that are available.

Mirrored doors and framed door mirrors can be a beautiful and distinctive addition to your interior décor. Mirrors can be factory built directly into your doors or you can have framed mirrors made with the same wood species and profile as your door to be installed on the door.

Our website provides the almost endless possibilities that exist for your interior glass doors.

You will be working directly with the wood door manufacturer, thus improving order efficiency and giving you the best value available.

Beautiful Glass Wood Doors

How to Buy

For your convenience we offer three ways to get a quote for your door purchase:

1. Use our RFQ Form to email a detailed door request.
2. Download our PDF, print and complete and fax or mail your request.
3. Call us during business hours. (814) 774-7338

About Our Photographs

When you click on one of the line drawings to the right, you will see large pictures of unfinished doors that were pulled directly from our production line to give you an idea of how our doors look. Please remember that since wood is a natural product, variations in color, grain, and texture will occur. Regardless of the type of wood shown in a particular design picture, all designs are available in all species of wood that we sell.

Not all doors have color photographs at the present time, but they are being added as they become available.

Glass Door Design Series

(To view a color photograph of a door design, click on the thumbnails below).

Series 400 (Price List)

True Divided Lite French Doors manufactured by Allegheny Wood Works are available in many designs including full view, 5-lite, 10-lite, 15-lite and 9-lite Prairie. All glass door designs have True Divided Lites with individual panes of glass installed (not a wood grill installed over a sheet of glass). Molding profile options include ogee (M1) or rounded (M2) (See below). Divided lite doors are not available with mission sticking.

The 400 Series glass door pricing includes the cost of 1/4 inch thick clear safety glass. Etched & Art Glass, V-Groove Glass, Obscure Glass, and Mirrored Glass (seen below) are available at an additional cost. Please contact us for pricing on these other glass options.

For pricing on the door designs shown below, go to the Door Pricing Guide.











Pricing Notes:
1. Same as AWW400
2. Same as AWW410
3. Same as AWW420
4. Same as AWW440
5. Same as AWW450

Etched and Art Glass Doors

Glass Laundry Doors

Glass Options

These options also apply to all etched and frosted art glass doors.

Click on any image below to view a larger version

Etched and Frosted Art Glass

Etched Glass and Frosted Art Glass Wood Doors manufactured by Allegheny Wood Works offer a custom highlight for any home.
Our etched glass and frosted glass is made right here in our own “in-house” glass shop.

In addition to standard artwork designs (shown below) such as Pantry, Laundry, and Wine Cellar, we also offer custom artwork and designs on clear glass or mirrors, Custom art can be company logos, scenic pictures, portraits, names, geometric designs, etc. (some samples are shown below).

Our graphic artists will work with you to put your favorite picture, drawing, or design on glass (subject to copyright restrictions). Since each piece of art glass is individually made, some variations in texture and shading will occur, creating unique pieces.

These glass options are available for both interior and exterior (insulated glass) doors, transoms, and side lights. You are not limited to just a couple of wood species or predetermined door sizes. Since we manufacture the doors and also do the glass artwork, your doors can be made using any species of wood that we carry, in any door design that we make, and in any size.

Standard Etched Glass Options

1. CLEAR GLASS: Etched Border, Etched Artwork, and Etched Wording on clear glass. (The majority of glass is clear with white artwork.)

2. SANDBLASTED OBSCURE GLASS: Clear Border, Clear Artwork, and Clear Wording on sandblasted (obscure) glass. (The majority of the glass is obscure with clear artwork.)

From the options shown below, you may select the border, wording, and artwork you want for your door.

Border Options:

Wording Options:

Art Work Options:

Custom Artwork:

Shown below are some samples of the custom artwork we have put on glass. Our graphic artists will work with you to put your custom design on glass.

V-Groove Glass Wood Doors

Allegheny Wood Works, Inc.’s partnership with a new glass manufacturer has allowed us to expand our glass offerings. We now offer decorative
V-groove glass. These V-grooves are typically cut into full view glass doors where a decorative accent is desired. However, the V-groove can also be cut into other glass sizes where glass is replacing a wood panel in any of our door designs. Shown below are the V-groove options available.

Two common applications for V-grooves are to use the “colonial” pattern to make simulated 5, 10, and 15 lite doors and the “prairie” pattern to make simulated prairie style doors.

V-groove glass can be used in interior and exterior (insulated glass) doors, transoms, and side lights.

Contact us for more information and pricing.

Click on the images below for a large rendering.

Obscure Glass Options

The 400 Series glass door pricing includes the cost of 1/4″ clear safety glass. There is an additional cost for replacing the clear glass with white laminated glass or the tempered glass options shown below.

In addition to our 400 Series glass doors, you can create interesting and unique glass and wood doors, by replacing individual wood panels or all of the wood panels in any door design with any of the glass options. This allows you to carry a door design throughout your project and add glass accents in certain applications or locations.

We will gladly quote any glass options for you. Please contact us for pricing.

Click on the images below for a large rendering.

Mirrored Glass Doors and Framed Mirrors

Allegheny Wood Works, Inc. offers mirrors installed directly into your doors or solid wood framed mirrors that are manufactured to be installed onto your doors.

All mirrors are “safety backed” for increased safety if a mirror is broken.

Mirrors installed into the doors replace the wood panels and are an integral part of the door. Doors can be mirrored on both sides, or have a wood panel on one side and a mirror on the other side.

While full view (AWW450 & AWW451) mirrored doors are the most common application, any wood panel can be replaced with a mirror on any of our door designs.

Our framed mirrors can be made of any wood species that we carry, are manufactured using the same molding profiles as our doors, and are dimensioned to install onto the main structural components of our doors.

Therefore, you will have a beautiful full view mirror that truly matches your door’s wood species, molding profile, and size.

Custom sized framed mirrors can be made to your specifications.

Mirrors can also be etched.

Click on the image below for a large rendering.



Glass Door Profile Options

Our glass doors are available in any of our molding profiles (see below). Interior glass doors include 1/4″ clear tempered glass and are available in 1-3/8” or 1-3/4” thickness. For glass that is over 1/4″ thick, the door must be 1-3/4” thickness. All exterior doors are 1-3/4” thickness and include 1/2″ clear insulated glass.  If you are looking for laundry, pantry or wine cellar doors, click here.

Click on the images below for a large rendering.

M1 with Glass

M1 with Glass

M2 with Glass

M2 with Glass

Our rounded (M1 and M2) profiles are machined into one side of the door, and applied to the other side when the glass is installed. On our square (M3) profile doors, the glass sticking is applied to both sides of the door, and requires a small upcharge for each pane of glass in the door. Divided light doors (AWW400 through 441 series) are not available in square (M3) profile.

M3 Profile Coming Soon