Allegheny Wood Works, Inc. Limited Warranty for Wood Doors

The above manufacturer warrants all doors sold under this warranty (except those doors expressly excluded from this warranty), for one year from the date of shipment, and at the time of shipment, to be of good material and workmanship and to be free of defects which would render said doors unserviceable or unfit for their ordinary, recommended use.
This warranty extends only to the first purchaser at retail of said door(s) and may not be enforced by any person to whom the said door(s) are transferred. The parties specifically agree that the Erie County, PA Court of Common Pleas is the exclusive forum which has jurisdiction over any claim or dispute arising out of this transaction.


The manufacturer will, at its option, either (1) repair any door without charge, or (2) replace any door without charge in whatever stage of fitting and/or finishing it was originally supplied by the manufacturer, or (3) refund the price received by the manufacturer for any door, if the door is found not to comply with this warranty. However, written notice of any claim under this guarantee must be given to the manufacturer promptly when discovered, and in any event within the above stated one-year period. You must inspect each door immediately upon receipt. In the case of a defect reasonably discoverable by inspection of each door upon receipt of shipment from the manufacturer, notice must be given within 10 days thereafter and before the door is hung or treated in any manner. The manufacturer shall not be liable for doors repaired or replaced without its prior written consent. Action on any claim for warp or for telegraphing may be deferred, at the option of the manufacturer, for a period not to exceed 12 months from date of claim. If a door has been installed prior to such claim being made, the door must remain hung in the original installation during the period of deferment, to permit conditioning to humidity and temperature. Any door repairs or replacements are to be made at our plant in Lake City, Pennsylvania, and the buyer shall, at their expense, return all products directly to that facility for credit, repair or replacement.


Warp shall not be considered a defect unless it exceeds 1/4 inch in the plane of the door itself. Warp is any distortion in the door itself, and does not refer to the relation of the door to the frame or jamb in which it is hung. The term warp shall include bow, cup and twist. In measuring the amount of warp present in a door, the following method shall be used. Bow, cup and twist shall be measured by placing a straightedge, taut wire or string on the suspected concave face of the door at any angle (i.e., horizontally, vertically, diagonally), with the door in its installed position. The measurement of bow, cup and twist shall be made at the point of maximum distance between the bottom of the straightedge, taut wire or string and the face of the door.


1. Unsatisfactory service or appearance caused by failure to follow the “Handling, Job Finishing and Installation Instructions” set forth herein is not covered by this warranty.
2. The appearance of field-finished doors is not guaranteed in any event.
3. Natural characteristics including small knots and blemishes and variations in the color including sap and mineral streak or texture of the wood are not to be considered as defects.
4. Knot placement, quantity and/or size in rustic doors.
5. The warranty against warp does not apply to 1-3/8” thick doors that are wider than 3’0” or higher than 7’0”. Any doors wider than 3’0” and/or taller than 8’0” are excluded from warranty.
6. This warranty does not cover doors that have been altered after shipping.
7. Wood doors are susceptible to expansion and contraction caused by humidity and temperature variations. Natural movements of wood including but not limited to small surface checking, small joint cracks, raised grain and expansion and contraction or movement of panels cannot be warranted against.
8. Any condition arising from the neglect or failure to properly maintain the door. Small scratches or rub marks on products that can be removed with sanding are not considered defects.
9. Small scratches/defects in glass that cannot be readily seen from 6 feet away when the door is in the upright position are not considered defects per our glass manufacturer’s specifications.


Handling and Installation

1. Doors must be stored flat in a climate-controlled, ventilated room with an operational HVAC system. Cover to keep clean, but allow air circulation. Do not subject doors to abnormal heat, dryness or humidity or sudden ch