Solid Wood Flush Doors

Solid wood flush doors manufactured by Allegheny Wood Works are available as interior doors or exterior front entry doors. Don’t settle for solid “core” when you can get true solid wood flush doors.

Flush doors are simple interior and exterior doors that feature a plain flat face on both sides.

The flush door is more closely associated with function rather than style, however, this plain sort of door lends itself well to a number of room designs where the desire is to highlight other elements in the space.

While the flush door is usually considered to be more utilitarian than other types of doors, that does not mean the door cannot be an attractive element in the room design.

Flush doors are typically associated with contemporary decor. A door of this type can also be a means of picking up a secondary color in the fabrics used in the space, helping to draw that color out into the general look of the room.

solid flush door