Interior and Exterior Pre-Hanging Details

Pre-hang preparation includes solid wood jambs and door stop, prep for hinges, prep for lockset (2-1/8″ diameter bore with a 2-3/8″ backset for interior doors and 2-3/4″ backset for exterior doors) and latch plate prep on the jamb leg.

Doors are knocked down for shipping to prevent damage during transit.

On interior doors the door stop is not applied to facilitate finishing and allow installation nails/screws to be hidden. Interior double doors come standard with a ball catch in the top of each door and no knob holes.

For all exterior double doors and for interior double doors, if doors are to be locked, the active door must be designated (RH door or LH door) and a slide bolt is installed in the inactive door. Active door receives a knob hole.

When ordering pre-hung doors,
the following information must be provided:

1. DOOR SWING – Left hand (LH), Right Hand (RH), Bi-Fold (BF) or Double Door (DD). See illustration at right.

For exterior doors you must also denote In-swing (swings into the building) or Out-swing (swings outside).

2. JAMB WIDTH – Jamb width is the finished width of wall plus 1/8 inch