Door Component Glossary

Top Rail: The uppermost horizontal cross member.

Mid Rail: A horizontal cross member between panel sections.

Lock Rail: A horizontal cross member positioned in relation to lock prep hole.

Bottom Rail: The lowest horizontal cross member.

Side Stile: Full-length vertical posts on each side of door.

Center Stile: Vertical posts that separate panel sections.

Panel: A component that fills the void between vertical stiles and horizontal cross members. Panels are normally solid wood. Particleboard, laminated glass, tempered glass and fabricated louvers are also available.

Lock Prep: Holes and pockets machined in side stiles to accommodate latch and hinge hardware.

Door Swing: Door swing is determined by facing the door and opening it towards you (left hand swing shown). See PREHANG section for additional information.

Door Width: In construction terms, these numbers translate to feet/inches. So, a 2/6 door is 2 feet 6 inches or 30″. This is a reflection of the opening, from jamb to jamb, that the door is going to be hung in, not the door size itself. So, after the jambs are in the opening for a 2/6 designated door width, if you measure the width of the inside of the jambs, it should come out very close to 30″. If you purchase “slab” doors, then the doors are approximately 1/16” under the “door width”, as explained, and you can final size them from that dimension to fit your opening.